TEAM: Redfern Rebels | TEAM MEMBER: Phillip Williams

“The attitude that I have now is that I just enjoy everything in my life, from training, tying my shoe laces to walking to work. It’s all about enjoying life”

“I chose to do the knockout challenge this year because I was sick of being the weight I was. I was hoping to achieve weight loss as well as living a healthy lifestyle. I wanted to be more active for my kids and to show them that there is a more healthy form of life.

The things I enjoyed most about the challenge was everything associated with the challenge- the weigh-ins, eating healthy foods, the training, getting motivated and being more active for my kids.

Taking part in the challenge has changed my life; even though I have always loved training I never made any sacrifices. For the length of the challenge I sacrificed things such as alcohol and junk food. I knew that if I made these sacrifices I could train harder, eat healthier and hopefully get down to a normal weight.

The attitude that I’ve got now is that I just enjoy everything, from getting up in the morning to being able to tie my shoelaces without getting puffed. It’s being able to do the little things that most people take for granted. I’m now a lot fitter, healthier and making healthy living choices.”