TEAM: Redfern Rebels | TEAM MEMBER: Ray Robinson

“As you get older you really have to think ahead for yourself. To live longer you need to have a go, push yourself to the limit and be happy in what you’re doing”

“The best part about the challenge is meeting new friends, we help one another and encourage one another to finish our training. Changes to the diet has been a pretty hard one, I’ve grown up and lived with not the best diet in the world but I’m making little changes one day at a time, I’ll get there I know I will.

As you get older you need to really think ahead for yourself. You have these kids and grandkids out there, you have to live longer and the only way you’re going to do that is by having a go, pushing yourself to the limits and being happy with what you’re doing.

Overall I’ve enjoyed this ride and if the opportunity comes back again I will definitely sign up.”