Thank you to all communities, partners and stakeholders that have participated in 2018. It is through your support in growing and strengthening the Knockout Health Challenge we can continue to close the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous health outcomes.


We received great results in 2018 with over 1,300 Aboriginal adults participating from across the state. In our second 2018 Challenge, our participants worked hard to achieve an average weight loss of 1.8% per person.

We have also heard from our participants and communities about how the Challenge made a positive impact on their health, making them feel more deadly, eat healthier foods and help reverse the effects of lifestyle related chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes.

It is the small steps that we take today that add up to make a big difference to leading a healthy lifestyle and knockout chronic diseases in our communities.

2018 Winners

Challenge 2
1st Place Queanbeyan Stronger Than You Think
2nd Place Nowra Dead or Deadly
3rd Place Armidale Mission Slimpossible
Challenge 1
1st Place Menindee Fat Yabs
2nd Place Queanbeyan Stronger Than You Think
3rd Place Nowra Dead or Deadly

Previously Participating Teams

There were 29 registered teams for the first Challenge and 25 for the second challenge.