(Frequently Asked Questions)

How many Challenges are there?
There are two Challenges run in each calendar year. Both Challenges run for 10 weeks.
How many teams can be registered for each Challenge?
A maximum of 35 teams will be accepted for each Challenge. The first 35 teams to submit their completed registration forms within the specified time frames will be accepted.
What is the “Above the line” Challenge?
“The “Above the line” Challenge is for all teams that achieve a weight loss greater than the previous years’ average weight loss for all qualifying teams. All teams who qualify for the Challenge but have not placed in either of the Challenges are eligible for the “Above the line”. The “Above the line” Challenge for 2020 was 3%.
How many people do we need in our team?
To qualify, teams need to have a minimum of 20 participants who are of Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander descent and a maximum of 30 participants in each team. Please note that teams require 20 participants who are of Aboriginal and or Torres Strait Islander descent to submit a final weight form to be eligible for the final prize money.
Who needs to sign off on participant medical clearance forms at registration?
A doctor or registered nurse must sign the medical clearance form to ensure you are fit to participate in the Challenge.
Can the Team Manager also be a participant?
Can someone who has had bariatric surgery (i.e lap banding) participate in the challenge?
Yes, if they have had their surgery at least 12 months ago. This needs to be noted on the medical clearance form signed by the doctor.
How many final weight forms need to be submitted to be eligible for grant funds and “Above the line” Challenge?
Teams must submit a minimum of 20 final weight forms to be eligible for grant funds. It’s best to try and get many participants to complete the Challenge. The top 20 weight loss percentage from each team is used to calculate the results. Refer to the Registration Pack for more information.
Who can we nominate for our host organisation?
Any local registered organisation/company that you have close contact with that can easily distribute your funds and facilitate your team’s participation in the Challenge. This could be an AMS, Land Council, School, Community Organisation etc. The organisation must have an ABN.
Can we buy additional t-shirts or merchandise?
How is the winner of the Challenge Shield determined?
From the participation points system. See the Registration Pack for further information.
What age can I participate?
Adults aged 16 years or over can participate in the Challenge.

Have we missed something?

Contact us and we will update accordingly.