All qualifying teams have the opportunity to win prize money for their local communities. A qualified team is defined as a team that has a minimum of 20 complete Individual registration forms; all qualifying participants must be Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.


Each registered team participating in the Challenge will receive $2000 in start-up funds.
The start-up funds are an incentive to support the team to implement the Challenge locally in their community. Teams in the past have used funds for equipment purchase, subsidy of gym memberships, venue hire and incentives for team members.


For each challenge, the following prize money is available for the winners.
1st Prize $20,000
2nd Prize $7,500
3rd Prize $5,000

Winners are based on team’s total percentage weight loss. Teams must submit all final weight forms by the advertised date. The team's weight loss is calculated on the top 20 participants per team.

The prize funds are to be used to support existing or new initiatives in your community that promote healthy lifestyles, reduce chronic diseases and work towards Closing the Gap in Aboriginal communities.


The “Above the line” Challenge is for all teams that achieve a team weight loss of 2.1% or more of body weight during each Challenge. All teams who qualify for either Challenge are eligible for the “Above the line” and will receive $2,000 in prize money.

The “Above the line” Challenge is available to teams who have not placed in either of the Challenges.


The Challenge Shield is awarded to the team that has accumulated the most points over the year. The team with the most points will take home the Knockout Health Challenge Shield. Teams can accumulate points in a range of ways outlined below:
Challenge Shield Points Points
Team wins challenge 100
Team comes 2nd 80
Team comes 3rd 70
Team achieves >3% loss,(as per Above the Line rules) 50 points per Challenge
Host/Attend a regional carnival 100
100% submission of team’s final weight forms 100
80% submission of team’s final weight forms 80
Photo Mini Challenge 5 pts per photo, capped at 25 points per Challenge