The NSW Aboriginal Knockout Health Challenge is a community led healthy lifestyle and weight loss challenge for Aboriginal communities across NSW.

The Challenge aims to motivate Aboriginal people to manage their lifestyle-related risk factors for chronic disease and reduce prevalence of overweight and obesity through a weight loss competition and physical activity challenges.

The Challenge recognises that Aboriginal communities are best placed to decide what works best for them. Registered teams are supported to take lead on physical activity and nutrition activities that will work for them, to make and lead a healthier lifestyle. These activities may include weekly boot-camp style workouts, cooking classes, walking groups and educational and information sessions.

The Challenge aims to join up existing services and networks and build capacity in local communities to ensure that outcomes will be sustainable.


The challenge takes place twice a year and runs for 10 weeks.

Teams are made up of 30 Aboriginal participants plus a team manager, and support staff (such as dietitians and personal trainers). Participants are required to provide medical clearance and their starting weight as part of the registration process.

Individuals who are not part of a team can be placed in an existing community team or virtual team. Teams receive $2000 in start-up funding. The start-up funds are an incentive to support the team to implement the Challenge locally in their community.

Teams in the past have used funds for equipment purchase, subsidy of gym memberships, venue hire and incentives for team members.

Winners are based on team’s total percentage weight loss with the prize funds is calculated on the top 20 participants per team. The prize funds are to be used to support existing or new initiatives in your community that promote healthy lifestyles, reduce chronic diseases and work towards Closing the Gap in Aboriginal communities.


The NSW Knockout Health Challenge (KHC) commissioned an Aboriginal artist Dennis Golding to create logo and branding for the program. The logo’s background and meaning are outlined below.


The logo comes from an original art graphic that has been produced for the overall branding style of this concept. The logo is influenced by a cultural element that signifies campsites or meeting places which travel as demonstrated with the swirling lines. Bringing together the three elements will strengthen the themes and values that brings communities together to work, share and learn from each other; and to improve a healthy lifestyle. The colour that have been introduced to this revised logo serves as a reflection of the different lands/ochres within all NSW Aboriginal communities. The lighter tones (yellows) become faded into the darker tones (reds)as a way to depict the depth of ochres between inland and coastal areas. The KHC works closely and engages with Aboriginal communities across NSW to be part of this experience and to support communities to improve better health and well-being. The theme of this concept is working together as a group and achieving greater success from the help and support of communities.



Artwork by Dennis Golding
Dennis was born in Sydney in 1989 and spent most of his childhood living in Redfern Aboriginal Community. Being surrounded by his family, art and culture, Dennis had many art influences including his mother, who first introduced him to painting at the age of four. Working across a broad range of media including painting, installation, sculpture and graphic design, Dennis Golding informs his creative practice based on both his upbringing in an urban environment and his cultural heritage as a Kamilaroi man.

He has received many art and community achievements through his high school years including winning his first major art prize at the age of 17 where his artwork is displayed onto a Sydney Public Transit Bus, which still travels around the CBD today. He also designed the Wests Tigers 2016 and 2017 Indigenous jersey as well as the ARU Wallabies first Indigenous Jersey in 2017.

Currently studying a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of New South Wales, Dennis continues to demonstrate his art practice through his studies, private and public commissions, working with Aboriginal youth and in community events.


The artwork illustrated reflects the NSW Knockout Health Challenge; how it collaborates and shares values with other networks to foster greater knowledge, awareness and success of health services for Australian Indigenous communities.


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There is strong evidence that being physically active regularly and eating healthy is effective in reducing risk factors for chronic disease, and overweight and obesity.