TEAM: Dead or Deadly | TEAM MEMBER: Emma Eastgate

“I want to set it in hard that this is the way to be.”
“I left with my head higher and I’m more Proud.”

“I’ve done the Knockout Challenge a couple of times now, each time my participation level has improved. For me, the Knockout Challenge is learning how to eat better, how to portion control and making life more active. It’s a health all-rounder and emotional health is important too. The best thing about the challenge is the emotional part of it, being with a group of people who are all striving for the same thing together, it makes me happy emotionally.

My participation in the Knockout has been life changing. Instead of sitting at home I get out and I’m active. I have a place to go and especially after having kids it’s like a second family. I want to be a healthy person and to set it in hard to my family that this is the way to be.

I really recommend getting involved in the Knockout Health Challenge, it’s made me happier and has given me something to aim for. I feel like I’ve got more control over my life. I left with my head higher and I’m more proud, Not only does it make you happier, it changes your family’s life too. I look forward to being involved next year.”